Hi! My name is Merel Vriethoff, I am 27 years old and after 6 six years of preparation I opened my own lunch cafe. This had been a dream since I was 19 years old and from the moment I knew, I started making plans how to reach my goal.

What I knew for sure was that I needed to become REALLY REALLY REALLY good at my future job: running and owning a successful lunch cafe. To become really good at something, I think you need to know all parts about the job and profession. You need to make sure you gain all the information possible to know and develop all skills needed for the job. What I also knew was that I needed to start saving money to be able to invest in my company. And then the most important part: I needed to start and never stop believing in myself for being one of the very best in The Netherlands to bring a new cafe into the world. Cause without that belief, there’s no way getting through the long way it took me to reach my dream.

I studied Hotel Management for 4 years and completed an Associate Degree Entrepreneurship 2 years after that. Both the thesis’s I had to write for those studies, were business plans. It helped me knowing what things I had to figure out before starting my own business and what kind of research was necessary to do before opening a cafe.

During and after my studies I made sure to work in several places that fit my personal taste in terms of service. Cause delivering awesome service & hospitality are two things that are extremely important to me. Since I already knew that I wanted my café in the neighborhood ‘Hofkwartier’, I made sure to work in this area to get to know it as best as possible. I worked as a waitress, then made the step to manage a coffee place, I even considered to ‘lease’ a lunch café to learn more about my future job, I helped a coffee café to start serving lunch and what that takes to implement into a company up till the point that I had almost all responsibility for that café. So I gained all the information & skills I figured I would need some day.

During all those years I worked on my businessplan and fine tuned it whenever I had a cool new idea or changed my mind. I visited 100 of places to get inspired on what I did and didn’t want. I developed my own style and vision on how I though a lunch café should be and how my café could turn into a successful one.

I could tell you lots more about my journey of starting crowdfunding within your family and friends, how to find a suitable location, how to actually be able to open your doors and so on. But if you are really interested in that, just send me an email and I’ll be glad to tell you. It might be just too much information for this page. I also consider making a podcast/youtube video with all this information so that might pop up sometime.

Anyway: if you visit Confetti, you visit a place that is created with an insane amount of passion, energy and love. Not like any other cafe. I hope you’ll feel that when you bring a visit & we’d love to see you back.

Want me to share my story on your website/do an interview about how to reach a goal/tell more about the ups and downs of having your own business? I am very glad to share so just send me an email.


Merel Vriethoff