What we do

What we do

There is one thing we focus on at Confetti and that is: YOU! And our goal by doing that is to make sure you’ll get a smile on your face when visiting us. To achieve this goal we keep a good eye on the following three points that make Confetti as it is.


When visiting us we assure you the possibility to spoil yourself or the person you bring with you! Either on an easy Monday morning or a festive Saturday afternoon. Our Confetti Coffee Roast is especially roasted for us by Ief & Ido Koffiebranderij so we’ll make sure you get a great cup of coffee. Or take hot steamed milk with Malthezers and honey, decorate your own muffin (not only for kids!), have a scoop of ice cream with your brownie or have some bread with warm goat cheese, grilled peach, organic bacon and local honey. There is lots of good stuff on the menu and we can arrange whatever you like to make sure you can treat yourself (also if you eat vegan/gluten free/lactose free!). And you can count on service with a smile because we are pleased to have you as a visitor and we’d like to make it a good one!

(the triangle stands for spoiling because it’s te same shape as a piece of pie/a garland which fits in a spoiling situation)


When you walk through our door we wanna surprise you right away. Confetti is a colorful and cheerful environment with a funky twist. Our pink discobal hopefully brings a smile on your face and we’ll turn it on every Friday afternoon at 4 PM to start the weekend of right. Everything on your plate looks festive and expect a lot of whipped cream, sprinkles and confetti (obviously). But also service wise we’d like to surprise you. We are happy to help you find your best fit for food/cakes/drinks and we are never lazy take that extra step for you.

(the bow stands for surprising because a positive surprise will bring a smile on your face)


The overarching aspect at Confetti is the attention we pay for all the aspects Confetti exists of. You’ve got our attention from the moment you walk in ‘till the moment you walk out the door but also for everything we serve you/the way Confetti looks and feels and the service you get from us. This way the several, lose aspects Confetti exists of, become one.

(the circle stands for attention because it covers all the several aspects together)